Public Administration Careers


Irrespective of many high paid job opportunities in India after liberalization, a career in Public Administration & Governance still ranks high as a career option among Indian youth. The power and social status along with job security that a civil servant enjoys is unimaginable anywhere else. Public Administration & Governance constitute all non-military departments of the government machinery, which run State Administration. The Central and the State Civil Servants ensure that the constitutional guarantees and entitlements are brought within the reach of every citizen. The service provides enough scope for a dynamic person with zeal and desire to bring qualitative changes in the functioning of the government and even opportunities which could change the lives of millions of Indians.

Career in Politics

Contrary to the popular belief that Indian youth abhor politics, a new study by a social research organisation...

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Career in Police Services

he Police force in any country is entrusted with the responsibility of maintenance of public order and prevention...

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